When you’re driving any vehicle, you know that somehow you’re in a much more convenient means of transportation because of the convenience it offers in relation to a whole host of things. You don’t necessarily have to risk being in danger of being mugged if you’re commuting, and you can spare yourself the hassle of sharing a vehicle with other people. Unfortunately, the threat of motor vehicle accidents still remains the same, and legal considerations when you’re caught in a car and motorcycle accident are things you have to be aware of to ensure you have all bases of your safety covered.

According to statistics from the World Health Organization, there’s an annual estimate of 1.25 million people dying from road traffic accidents. Of these numbers, much of the vehicles involved are cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles. The latter two are actually part of what is called the “vulnerable road users” demographic, alongside pedestrians. Outside the 1.25 million fatalities are 20 to 50 million more that do survive crashes but either suffer from various injuries and/or develop a disability as a result. As such it’s important to be aware of your rights as a road user to opt for legal action, here are your considerations:

  • How is the status of your health after the accident? Be sure to check on yourself and your safety first before worrying about these legal considerations. Make sure you’re safe and sound and you’ve gotten yourself immediate medical attention and assistance. Take note of injuries you’ve acquired, regardless of the severity. Assess the health of others around you as well. Are they injured? If so, how severe were they? What kind of treatment and medical attention do they require?
  • Take note of the status of all people involved, especially drivers. Gather necessary information such as names, addresses, contact numbers, license numbers, plate numbers, and car descriptions. Pay close attention if the other driver may be drunk, influenced by illicit substances, or demonstrated any form of negligence as a driver.

  • What is the status of the vehicles involved? Take note of the severity of the damages and if the car will be usable at the end of the day. Also take note if the vehicle of the other party is theirs, or if it’s someone else’s. Take note if either your vehicle or theirs is a lemon as well as this may have a profound effect on the potential legal options you have after this discovery.
  • Assess the effects and impact the accident and its various elements will have in your life. A lot of things are affected by the accident that may have a particular impact in your life, and most of them might not be good. An injury, for instance, or worse a disability might make you lose your ability to work your current job properly. Your medical expenses and treatment may take a toll not just on your finances, but on your schedule as well. The car you’re using might be part of your livelihood, and its damages might make it unusable. The accident may have caused you to have some sort of traumatic experiences as well. These little things can have a profound impact on your life when put altogether. If these affect your life in a grave manner, then perhaps legal action is advised.


Remember that when it comes to legal considerations in car and motorcycle accidents, it’s important to be aware not just of the facts of the incident, but also on the various other factors that revolve around these cases in the first place. A lawyer can greatly help enlighten you on the specifics of these considerations, and how they can affect you. Click here to learn more.