Best dissertation writing service undergraduate and postgraduate students are always assigned with report writing assignments often since they are the education levels that include completion of researches. Students have however find it difficult to write a good report because of many issues such as lack of knowledge on the research, insufficient research, lack of knowledge on the report structures among other reasons.

Report Structure

A good structure for a report is an outline which must be followed by the students in order to achieve all the requirements of the report writing.

  • Title Page – showing the title of the report, the author, the person for whom the report is prepared, and the date of completion
  • Summary/Synopsis/Executive Summary (approx 10% of word count) – this will identify:
    • The purpose of the report
    • The scope of the report – issues covered/not covered
    • The important results and findings
    • The conclusions and recommendations
    • Acknowledgement of any assistance in researching and compiling the report
  • Table of contents – not including the title and contents page! The table will indicate the titles of the work and on which pages can anyone access them. It makes work easier for the readers who might be interested in a specific topic or part of the report.
  • Body of report – this will include:
    • Introduction – you should write what the report is all about and also include a thesis statement on the same introduction paragraph.
    • Discussion – divided into sections and sub sections, presented clearly and confined to fact rather than analysis/opinion. The discussion part of the report will present the facts about the research or the findings which will be arranged appropriately.
  • Conclusion – this should:
    • Relate back to the findings in the body of the report
    • Include a clear summary of the main points and also restate the thesis statement. The report summary should cover the most important ides which were discussed in the report.
    • Outline the findings of the research which has been completed. The findings are always meant to confirm and affirm the claims of the research in the report.

There should be nothing in the conclusion that has not already been mentioned in the body of the report.

  • Recommendations – they should emerge from the conclusion of the report. They are meant to suggest what to be done in the report or to the research including when it should be done. This is done after analysis of the research and the writer presents their own opinions. The recommendations are therefore based on the writer’s opinions.
  • Bibliography – All the sources used in completing the report must be included in the bibliography using a specific assigned referencing format. It can either be APA or MLA or any other referencing styles. The bibliography is essential as it will show the reader some of the sources that were used in completing the research and they might be interested in looking into the sources for more information.
  • Appendix/Appendices – containing supplementary material too detailed for the main body of the report, such as tables, charts, statistics, questionnaires etc