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Essential oils are simple and inexpensive tools for sound sleep and lifted the mood. You can easily introduce to your daily bedtime routine. These oils relax you and make you physically and mentally ready for life. Essential oils are readily available. You can buy sandalwood oil in Australia or any other oil easily from your nearby pharmacy or grocery store. The variety of these oils is overwhelming but the way they assist in stress and insomnia is similar. There are many apprehensions about the effect they can have on your body. This article provides you an overview of how these oils and their scents work.

  • Effect of scents on body and mind

You might have experienced some memory triggers evoked by some kind of scent. For instance, a perfume can remind you of somebody you have to spend a lot of time with. The scent of motor oil can take you to the time when you were working on your car in your garage. This happens because the memory and emotion centers of your brain are directly wired to the smell sensors. The nose cells detect the smell and transfer is to the amygdala via olfactory nerves. Amygdala is the region that controls memory and emotional reactions. For this reason, different smells and aromas can trigger memories or affect the way we feel.

  • Aromatherapy: An ancient practice

The history of the essential oils can be traced back to ancient times. Many societies of the early times like Egyptian, Chinese, and Roman have strong evidence of the usage of these oils for medical purposes. The oils were known to have healing and health-promoting characteristics.

The modern name for these ancient practices is aromatherapy. There have been rigorous studies and research on these oils. All these researches are aimed to evaluate the mood-regulating, pain-reducing, stress-relieving, and sleep-inducing properties of these oils.

  • Scientific benefits of essential oils

Essential oils help in promoting your physical and mental wellness in various ways. These oils stimulate sleeps in both ways directly and by reducing the factors which create restlessness.

  • Sleep

Many of these oils have sedative effects. This helps in inducing sleep. They also improve the quality of sleep which in turn improves the overall life quality.

  • Stress and anxiety

People, who are suffering from stress and anxiety, find it difficult to have a sound sleep. This leads to tiredness and fatigue for the next day which results in more stress. Essential oils calm your nerves and lower your blood pressure to make you feel relaxed.

  • Depression

It is evident by many pieces of research and case studies that the remedies for better sleep also assist in treating depression. Essential oils help in treating depression by stimulating sleep and relaxing the nervous system.

  • Using essential oils for sleep and relaxation

People choose the natural essential oils for treating their conditions but are confused about how to use them. You can use them in any way that seems convenient to you. Some of the ways are.

    • Adding oil to bath
    • Using diffusers
    • Making mist
    • Direct application